Extraordinary designs by exceptional young designers.

Tadpole Store is a breath of fresh air in a world increasingly full of consumerism and mass-market madness.

About Tadpole Store

We handpick products in fashion and home from the outstandingly talented designers of the country so that each day we are able to offer you products that are truly exceptional and mesmeric.

Each product at Tadpole Store has a story to tell. Our love for design not only makes us pick and select the best of the designs but bring out tales and stories of what went behind each product that we sell. These tales of the product and its creator are something unique to products like ours, which are made with a passion, purpose and only in select numbers.

Started in 2011 we have been delivering the delight of truly exceptional products to thousands of customers across the globe.


Tadpole - About the Box

Before we introduce you properly to our box, how about we answer your curiosity behind our name. Tadpole is a journey, a transition from one state to another. The preparation of that one giant leap – the inertia that makes change happen. And otherwise, Tadpole stands for The Academy of Design Promotion through Observation, Learning & Exploration. We started Tadpole in 2011 and have been expanding our efforts to help people understand design and love it through our various efforts.

So who’s the box, you ask?

Our identity of the dotted box is a reference to the concept of creativity linked with the ‘out of the box’. We say design happens in a space where the boundaries of out of the box and within the context blur and the planes of actuality and possibility converge. It’s a beautiful space where the possibilities are infinite and how the dots are joined defines what comes of it!


Authenticity Card - TadPole


Tadpole - Authentic Card

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Every wonderful design that you recieve from Tadpole Store is accompanied by an Authenticity Card, personally signed to you by the designer. Thus, assuring you that when you shop with us, you get the most extraordinary designs from exceptional designers of India.

Each product that we sell at Tadpole Store has a story and a face behind it. It is the result of hours of creative effort that the designer puts into creating it. Therefore, when you shop at Tadpole Store, you don’t just buy a product, you become a part of this story!


We search the lengths and breaths in search of the extraordinary and unparallel because we know how exceptional you are. Everyday we bring you designs that are fresh and exciting, these are the sparks that start trends when you start using them.

Tadpole - Authentic Card


Tadpole - Authentic Card

We are all about Design. In fact if it is not authentic design, you would not find it with us!